The Detroit Puppeteers Guild, founded in 1946 and chartered by the Puppeteers of America, Inc. in
1963, is a fellowship of people who invite you to share their love of puppetry, their creative ideas
and their experience.  Our members are performers, puppet craftsmen, collectors, writers and
people like teachers and librarians who use puppetry in their work.  Other join simply because of an
interest in and a love of puppetry.

The Detroit Puppeteers Guild is the largest and one of the most active guilds in North America.  Our
bi-monthly meetings offer a variety of performances, workshops, lectures and social events.

Each April, in celebration of the National Day of Puppetry, the Guild sponsors a
"Day of Puppetry",
an outreach event open to the public.  It features professional performances, workshops, an exhibit
and a puppetry store.

The Guild has participated in other events, such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Festival
of the Arts, the Mount Clemens Art Festival and the Bixby Puppetry Festival in Saline in past years.

All members receive our bi-monthly publication, The Detroit Puppeteers Guild Newsletter, which
keeps members abreast of puppetry activities in Michigan as well as events and Festivals throughout
Great Lakes Region and the nation.
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1946-48* Ed Johnson (deceased)
1948-50* Fern E. Zwickey (deceased)
1950-51 Gary Jennings (deceased)
1951-52 Ed Young (deceased)
1952-54* Grace Bucciero (deceased)
1954-56* Vernon Tracey (deceased)
1956-57 David Gibson (deceased)
1957-58 Eve Sheldon
1958-59 Jack Borin (deceased)
1959-60 Ann Bates
1960-62* Bob Rathbun (deceased)
1962-63 Gary Jennings (deceased)
1963-65* Marion Schaff (deceased)
1965-67* John Miller (deceased)
1967-69* Nancy Henk
1969-70 John Miller (deceased)
1970-72* Nancy Henk
1972-74* A. Michael Deller
1974-76* Patricia D. Wilson
1976-78* Robert Klink
1978-80* John Miller (deceased)
1980-82* Brenda Hughes (deceased)
1982-83 Louise Fecko
1983-86** A. Michael Deller
1986-88* Patricia L. Northup
1988-89 Planning Committee
1989-92** Patricia Moehring
1992-95** Marilyn O'Connor Miller
1995-97* Rick Morse
1997-99* Debra Latozas
1999-01* Julia Casey
2001-03* Susan Ostrowski
2003-06** Brad Lowe
2006-07 Planning Committee
2007-09* Judi Zachary
2009-12* Mary Ellen Clark
2012-14* A. Michael Deller
2014-18* Julia Casey
2018-20* Planning Committee
* Served two terms in succession
** Served three terms in succession