DPG Birthday Celebration of 62 years!
               September 20,2008
The DPG board for 2008-2009
(left to right) Diane Boatman, Nancy Henk, Brad Lowe, Annabel Griffiths,
Judi Zachary, Debbie Latozas and Mary Ellen Clark
(above) Each dinner table had hand made fish

 (right)The Clarks as fish heads with a
worried               Daren Dundee.
(left) After the nights performance of Brad
Lowe's "The Fisherman and his Wife" Judi
Zachary, Brad Lowe and Natasha Khusid
pose for a picture with a Giant fish!
(above) Natasha Khusid and Brad Lowe
perform "Hands" as part of the nights
(above) Brad Lowe, Bob Klink and Nancy Henk after Nancy and
Brad's performance of "Falling in Love Again"  Celebrating Bob's
75th birthday.
(above) Annabel Griffiths and Judi Zachary
getting ready for the nights puppet
(above) Newsletter Editor Nancy Henk and
President Judi Zachary
(above) Paul and 2001-03 past president Susan
(above) Our wonderful guild artist Enio and Lily
(above) Brad Lowe and Rick Morse
(above) Ethel Lowen, Rick Morse
and Tih Penfil
(above) Rus Gordinier, Debbie Latozas, Jill Landsman,
Greg Latozas and his grandmother
All DPG Birthday photos were taken by Tih Penfil...THANK You Tih!