Puppeteers of America, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1937, provides
information, encourages performances, and builds a community of people who love
puppet theatre. Share the enchantment of puppetry with professional puppeteers,
puppet builders, teachers, librarians, therapists, youth leaders, hobbyists and
audience members who are enthusiastic about puppetry.
The Puppetry Home Page is produced by Rose Sage Barone of Sagecraft
Productions and Nick Barone of Nick Barone Puppets, who are aided by editors
from the puppetry community world-wide. The Puppetry Home Page is a free
resource for the puppetry community and is dedicated to helping people connect
with the world of puppetry.
Union Internationale de la Marionnette is an organization in which all those people
in the world concerned with the Art of the Puppet Theatre associate voluntarily
in order to serve through their art the idea of peace and of mutual understanding
without distinction as to race, political ideas or religion.

UNIMA-USA, founded in 1966, is the North American Center of Union
Internationale de la Marionnette, the oldest international theatre organization in
the world, founded in 1929. The organization's mission is to promote
international understanding and friendship through the art of puppetry.
National Resources and Organizations to help you on your Puppetry Path
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