Random Pictures from 2005 & 2006
April/May 2005 Art Center Exhibit
Entry to Gift Shop
Pierrot (in case) by Rus Gordinier
Giant Scarecrow by Nancy Henk and the
Atlantis Expedition
January 2005

Daren Dundee at the
Scotch Auction
April 2005 Day of Puppetry Exhibit
Puppets by Ron and Irene
March 2005
Dian Boatman, Brad Lowe, and Judi
Zachary work on Guild Dragon Head
March 2005
Diane Boatman and Nancy Henk work on
the Guild Dragon Head
April/May 2005
Art Center Exhibit

Puppets from "The
Firebird" by Irina
April/May 2005
The Art Center in Mount Clemens, the
Magic of Michigan Puppets Exhibit.  Hand
puppets on Mantel from Bunny Carlson;
Shadow Puppets from Carol Reed; Jaz and
Jasmine by Rus Gordiness for the Atlantis
Expedition.  Instruments, signage by Enio
Marcaccio, Marionette Clown from Rick
April/May 2005

The Art Center in Mount
Clemens, "Magic of
Michigan Puppets" exhibit.  
Punch and Judy stage and
puppets--collection of Jane
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At the Padzieski Art Gallery April, 2006.
The DPG wall of directories art work was done by
long time member artist Enio Marcaccio
(Bunraku style puppet) Jazmine 2002 from
"Jaz & Jazmine meet the Jazz Band"
President Brad Lowe and his dog puppet Slam with Trixie the clown
puppet from Nancy Henk's  performance welcoming visitors to the
Padzieski Art Gallery.
Scallion the Dragon from Brad Lowe, John Kelly and Marilyn Turner from Russel Gordinier  
and a small collection of the Simcheck puppets and a collection of Punch and Judy puppets.